The Fontys zone

TU/e Campus will be the biggest technology campus in the Netherlands

Neighbors of TU/e on the TU/e Campus are Summa College and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. These educational institutions want to grow from a joint total of 14,000 to 20,000 technology-based students by 2020. This will signify the biggest technology campus in the Netherlands. This collaboration in technology-based studies in Eindhoven provides a new boost to science and engineering studies in the Netherlands and responds to the great demand from the employment market for well trained technical personnel.


The concentration of various study programs at the TU/e Campus will encourage collaboration among students of the various study programs, from intermediate vocational to university level. This joint accommodation and closer collaboration are expected to foster a smoother transition of students through to a higher level of education. There are also opportunities for new entrepreneurs and knowledge-intensive companies since partners will be able to make use of each other’s facilities like laboratories and workspaces. At the same time, so many technically educated students at all levels provide a favorable climate for startups and knowledge-intensive companies on the campus.