The refurbishment in words and images

A renovation in phases

The renovation of the Atlas building (Main Building) is in full swing. By reusing materials as much as possible, the impact of the building on the environment is minimized, a consideration that was also influential in the choice of materials. In addition, during the building process measures are being taken to limit the impact of the building work on the environment as much as possible.

Progress is being made by Dusseldorp with the asbestos removal and demolition work while the subcontractor Van Wijnen will gain access to the upper half of the building to begin the renovation from 1 November. They will be establishing the building site around Atlas and will be making use of Impuls in this respect as a site office. Some traffic hindrance may be caused due to the building site being fenced off. On this site you will find an update of the course of the refurbishment. At this moment the focus of the work is on the roof.