Living Lab Light

The world of light and light designs is developing at lightning speed. TU/e uses its outdoors lighting systems as a Living Lab. Not only is the exterior lighting fitted with the latest generation of LEDs - which means energy-efficient LEDs - but it can also be controlled per fitting. This enables researchers to conduct different types of research with the lighting installation. How do people experience light? How can you use light in the most efficient manner, without detracting from the feeling of safety? How can light be used to make it clear that a building is open, or closed?

Living Lighting Lab in the Forum of the MetaForum
The Forum is equipped with 500 LED lamps that can be controlled individually and emit warm or cold light. At this moment the system has four options and is operated via the Honeywell system at the reception of the MetaForum. The Intelligent Lighting Institute has developed special software that makes it possible to control the lighting via the Wi-Fi network. In the near future the infrastructure will be adapted further and fitted with sensors, which will make even more interaction possible. Researchers who are interested in conducting experiments with the system can contact Rombout Frieling,

The LanTUern
Around the whole campus the street lamps will be replaced by so-called LanTUerns, street lighting which has been made especially for the TU/e campus and which, like the LED lamps in the Forum, can be controlled via the Wi-Fi network. This will make it possible for instance to adjust the lighting per area and thus to enhance the feeling of safety.