TU/e 100% Future Friendly

Sustainability is an important theme for TU/e. Although the university pays a lot of attention to this, the initiatives are not clearly visible. Or as Jan Mengelers (former chairman of the Executive Board) remarked: "TU Eindhoven believes in challenge-based education. Our maxim is also "practice what you teach". This also applies to our efforts in the field of sustainability. We have already done and achieved a great deal. And we should also show that."

In the campaign 100% Future Friendly we connect the initiatives we take in our research, education and business operations. We show how and where we strive 100% for a more sustainable world.

In the coming period you will find new initiatives on this website. Do you have an idea how TU/e can commit itself to a more sustainable world? Share your idea with us via the GO Green Office.

During the Science Festival (8 October 2017), Prof. Erwin Kessels and the Go Green Office held the kick-off of the '100% Future Friendly' campaign. Following the Science Show, visitors became acquainted with the solar energy research as an example of the many TU/e initiatives for a better, more sustainable world.

Solar Energy Research
The popularity of solar energy has been on the rise for years. Thanks to continuous research, the efficiency of solar cells is rising and the costs are also decreasing. TU/e technology is being used in almost one third of all solar cells worldwide. TU/e scientists from the research group Plasma and Materials Processing (PMP) are conducting research into increasing the efficiency and efficiency of solar cells. The researchers' mission is clear and they are fully committed to this. Summer 2018, a roadshow started on the TU/e campus in which this research is central.

Check the video Solar Energy research.