Workwalk @ TU/e

Workwalk is part of the research program of the Vitality academy. With Workwalk, the TU/e aims to facilitate and encourage walking meetings at the campus, as part of the TU/e living labs. When scheduling a meeting, employers and students of the TU/e can book the Workwalk as the location of their meeting instead of a normal meeting room.

Workwalk consists of three elements

  1. A visible, physical dot line that serves as a guide for the walking meetings
  2. Meeting point signs in the entrance area of each department
  3. The integration of a Workwalk within the room booking system bookmyspace

The use of the Workwalk will be studied as part of the research of Ida Damen, PhD candidate at TU/e. TU/e students and staff who book a Workwalk can be asked to participate in a survey or interview for research purposes. All data will be processed anonymously.

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