Advanced intellectual property (IP)

Advanced intellectual property (IP) for researchers who wish to commercialize an invention.


Intellectual property is an exciting field in which the multidisciplinary fields of science, law and international commercial interests meet in a strategic methodology which promotes successful innovation to deliver commercial products for use in society. This workshop is aimed at researchers who may be commercially oriented and want to understand IP in the context of research leading to a start-up and to appreciate how IP can influence investors.         

Learning goals

  • Understand processes in IP laws such as Europe and US that may impact your business strategy.
  • Learn about national/ international patent applications: claim categories to suit your business products and potential investors.
  • We will review a selection of patent claim categories in: chemistry; life sciences; AI and electro-mechanics.   

How is the workshop structured?

Slides, interactive sessions followed by a short workshop.

Teacher: dr. ir. Suki Sandhu  (Head of Intellectual Property and Licensing)
Mobile phone: 0628366151

Additional information

Target groups: PDeng/PhD, Scientific Staff, academics with commercial interest
Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 20
Language: English
Number of meetings: 1
Study load: Contact hours: 2; Study hours: none
Time: Thursday, 12-14 hours
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of IP
Materials: TBD
Certificate: no
Frequency: 2 times each year

Course registration via DPO