Follow-up workshops in knowledge transfer

These workshops deepen the curriculum in knowledge transfer and are only for selected groups of staff or given on demand. For more information, please contact Herman van Hoeven.

How to develop my own business?

In a short time span PhD students interested in entrepreneurship gain insight in the main aspects of starting up a business. How to commercialize research results will be one of the topics discussed during the workshop. The focus is on what kind of support you can get from the The Gate. In addition to a presentation there is room for interaction and discussion. The participants will form groups and try to develop a business case from a research idea of one of the PhD's. This course is for PhD candidates in their third and fourth year who are interested in starting their own business.

Master class in High Tech Entrepreneurship

This is a 3-day workshop on location in Belgian Limburg The Gate organizes once a year in November together with the colleagues from KU Leuven, Hasselt, Antwerp and Maastricht. Teams of researchers engaged in the development of a spin-off case can take part. The design of the Master class is that the participants work in their own business case with input of speakers and at the end they pitch their case in front of a jury of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The program for this Master class consists of three parts: improving the value of your business plan, structuring a valuable deal and getting first commercial ideas.

Knowledge transfer workshop

This is a half-day workshop that is given twice now specific for ITN projects for the PhD candidates within such a European project. It is meant to the participants to think about the possibilities of valorization from their own research on the basis of a Business Model Canvas exercise. The program consists of two parts, a short introduction to what valorization is followed by an assignment in groups to fill in the Business Model Canvas. At the end, the groups present their work to each other. 

How to use patent databases

When you are regularly active with technical innovation processes you can innovate more efficiently and thus save time and money by using free and on-line patent information. How you deal with that, you will learn in this workshop. During this workshop, theory, practical examples and classroom and individual assignments are exchanged.