Innovation collaboration

How to come to convincing propositions for innovation


The workshop “Innovation Collaboration” provides an introductory overview of the world of project acquisition. It describes both the theory of project acquisition and experiences from the hard reality. From over ten years of personal experience a summary reporting is given: “Ups and downs in the world of project acquisition”, both “What went well” and “What went wrong”, followed by some concluding messages.

As for the theory, the following aspects are addressed: About the project definition and execution process, about public funding in general, about internal strategy and ambition, about the “Opportunity matrix” instrument and how to come to a Call strategy. Additionally, the role of “consortium creation” is described and how to come from vague notions to specific plans. In particular, is it underlined that “consortium creation” should not be purpose in itself, but should be a means to serve a higher innovation goal.

Some overall messages conveyed include “Don’t shoot on anything that moves”, “Do it well or not at all”, how to obtain management commitment in aiming for an agreed goal, on sufficient priority and resources so as to proceed in a structured way towards a clear goal. But the overall end conclusion is:  “Funding is a fun thing”!

Learning goals

The workshop gives an overview on Innovation Collaboration: does and don’ts, experiences. One of the aspects is Consortium Building.


  1. Theory: about the process
  2. Practice: ups and downs in the world of project acquisition
  3. Concluding messages

Additional information

Teacher: Ir. Paul Merkus
Target groups: PDeng/PhD, Scientific Staff, Support Staff
Number of meetings: 1
Contact hours: 2; Study hours: none
Time: Thursday, 12-14 hours

Frequency: 2 times each year

Course registration via DPO