Introduction to exploitation of research results and knowledge transfer

Knowledge Transfer has become more important over the last couple of years. Academic researchers, however, are not always fully aware of what new opportunities this provides them with and how this affects their research.

This course, comprising of three lunch sessions of two hours, introduces the participants into the basic concepts of knowledge transfer and how this can benefit the researcher, the university and society. Each session focuses on one of the three main routes of knowledge transfer of university knowledge to society: 

1.           Contract & collaborative research 
2.           Patenting & licensing
3.           Creating a new company (spin-off)

After following the course, participants are more familiar with the terminology of technology transfer and are able to talk more confidently about the topic. Participants can identify opportunities for knowledge transfer resulting from their own research. In addition, participants are able to apply the acquired knowledge to their own research situation, understand what actions to take and who to contact within The Gate to pursue these opportunities.