Strategic alliance with key industrial accounts/ Introduction in the Brainport Region


The workshop “Strategic alliance with key Industrial accounts/ Introduction in the Brainport Region” makes the participants familiar with the key success factors and major pitfalls in setting up a strategic partnership with an Industrial partner. Also, they get to know the region: business, technological/societal themes, position in Europe/worldwide, what is the role of the TU/E in this?

Learning goals

Introduction in setting up and maintaining a strategic partnership with an Industrial partner; introduction in the Brainport Region


  1. The types of partnerships with several examples, the process and way of working in order to achieve a more structured collaboration with the alliance as an example of such a collaboration.
  2. History, business, government, social themes, technological themes, position compared to other regions in the Netherlands, collaborations with TU/e

Additional information

Teachers: Dr. Gérôme Friesen, Ir. Clement Goossens
Target groups: PDeng/PhD, Scientific Staff, Support Staff
Number of meetings: 1
Contact hours: 2; Study hours: none
Time: Thursday, 12-14 hours

Frequency: 2 times each year

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