Research by or with TU/e?

Are you keen to find out what possibilities exist for TU/e to undertake research for or with you? There are all kinds of possible options. From a scientific study, test or experiment in the form of contract research to a wide-ranging joint study within a consortium. The nature of the question is a major factor in determining the approach, scope, staffing, use of equipment and timing. We will be pleased to talk in a personal consultation about what we might be able to do for you and then we can decide together how to structure and undertake the study.

Living Lab

TU/e is increasingly profiling itself as a Living Lab. This means that we are open to experiments and studies being carried out (especially by student teams) in real-life situations. This form of research generates valuable input since it combines the functioning of technological principles with the psychology of the user.

International network

Are you interested in finding out what we could mean in terms of research at an international level? Or about our collaboration partners? In addition to a broad range of fundamental and applied research at TU/e, we work with leading international knowledge institutes and universities, including the Eurotech universities (DTU, TUM, TU/e, EPFL, Technion Israel Institute of Technology and L’X).

More information?

If you have a research question or wish to find out more about the possibilities, contact:

Gérôme Friesen for large industry
Herman van Hoeven for SMEs