Hands-on collaboration in TU/e innovation Space

Hands-on collaboration in TU/e Innovation Space
In september 2018, TU/e Innovation Space will make its official start. It is a platform where students, student teams, student entrepreneurs and researchers work together in multidisciplinary teams. They will be developing innovative science-based solutions to real-world challenges, in collaboration with businesses and other organizations around us.

At Eindhoven University of Technology, passionate and entrepreneurially-minded students already work in multidisciplinary student teams and start-ups. This mindset and the skills they develop in such teams are increasingly wanted by today’s industry. Companies demand engineers of the future that are broad-minded, highly skilled, and have experience in hands-on working. Therefore, TU/e invests in new types of education and research, which makes TU/e Innovation Space a valuable asset. TU/e Innovation Space will facilitate learning by doing and will encourage having an entrepreneurial attitude amongst TU/e students.  

TU/e Innovation Space has three main activities. Firstly, to inspire and facilitate students in their bachelor, master and PDEng, as well as to attract future students. Secondly, to support students in multidisciplinary engineering projects to create prototypes together with staff and companies. Thirdly, to support the realization of these prototypes into tangible products and working services for society, which offers opportunities to create new businesses and turn research into real value.

The multidisciplinary engineering projects carried out in TU/e Innovation Space fit the education strategy of the TU/e to make education more hands-on. Furthermore, TU/e Innovation Space suits the choice for being a 24/7, campus-based university.

Before the grand opening of TU/e Innovation Space in the Matrix building in 2018, we will already start experimenting in 2017. Student projects from several courses will gain a spot at TU/e Innovation Space, together with some emerging student teams and student entrepreneurs. Moreover, TU/e invites and challenges its own employees and students, and companies to come up with new insights and promising projects to co-develop TU/e Innovation Space.