Smart method to prevent copper theft

In recent years, copper theft has become a serious problem. The biggest problem doesn’t lay in the financial damage due to the material loss but in the consequential damage due to removing the copper and the broken junctions.  Every reason to look for a smart method to prevent copper theft. Twan Jochijms from Texis BV contacted the ‘Vragenbank’ to help them come up with a solution.

Niels Blaauwbroek and three fellow students were put on the assignment. “It was a great project to work on”, says Niels. “It’s a melting pot of disciplines: networktechnology, movement sensors, signal processing, etc. This was a task in which we could put our knowledge, network and research skills into practice.” At the time Niels was a master student Electrical Engineering. Since then, he is graduated.

Twan Jochijms was looking at possible solutions to safeguard copper plumbings in machines on behalf of a client. The team came up with two solutions. Niels: you can set up a system which gives you a signal  when the connection in the cable is disrupted. The other solution was movement sensors which acknowledges unusual movements.Both solutions had their advantages and disadvantages but in the end the choice fell on movement sensors.

At Texis, the company of Twan Jochijms, specialized in tailor-made security and energy solutions, innovative technologies are the core business. “As entrepreneur you often don’t have time to focus on research and development. De students from TU/e SURE Innovation have the time, knowledge and network to dive into the matter. Furthermore, they think out of the box and come with innovative solutions”, Jochijms says. “The solution can be implemented in many ways so collaborating with TU/e SURE Innovation contributed a lot and it gave us new insights and ideas.”