I represent a company

Lowering your production line costs, improving your product, or making your processes more efficiently. Development is important to stay ahead of competitors. But where or how do you start innovation? How to accelerate the innovation process within your company? And what knowledge do you need for that? SURE Innovation can help you as it gives you access to academic knowledge and the latest technology. We provide an answer to your innovation question. Projects range from feasibility studies and market research to prototyping and other innovation questions.

How does it work?

You’re looking for academic knowledge that can help you with answering your innovation question. You upload your question at ‘De Vragenbank’ website. The best students of the TU/e will look into your question. We only hire students which score above average and we have access to students of all the TU/e departments. Within two working days you will receive a (free) answer. This answer will give you an idea in what direction to continue.

Transfer your innovation idea into a plan

If after step 1 you want to have your idea worked out further, there are three choices available. Of course you will always receive a proposal in advance. The options are:

  • Advanced research, for example a feasibility study or a market research
  • A brainstorm session with top students to look for more ideas or possibilities to discover which direction suits your innovation question best. Within four hours a plan of action is created.
  • An assignment in which your idea is processed. For example the execution of lab tests, a simulation or the development of a prototype.