I represent a company

Via TU/e SURE Innovation, you will not only hire students who can help you decrease your workload but also obtain the latest technical and scientific knowledge. Moreover, you can rely on the skills and know-how available at the TU/e. This is possible through databases but also in the form of academic staff who can be consulted by our students. 

the students are deployed in various fields. from literature reviews, feasibility studies and problem identifications to assignments from idea to implementation. Depending on the project, the student work individually or in multidisciplinary teams. 

Ever more companies find their way to TU/e SURE Innovation as every tech company can benefit from such a collaboration. You can even scout for future employees. Do you have a problem but you cannot phrase it into an assignment? No problem, we cal help you. Furthermore, we will check whether you will be eligible to receive project funding. It's a win-win situation!