I'm a student

We offer you a chance to gain relevant work experience in the business sector during your studies.

During their technical studies at the TU/e, for many students arises the question: how to proceed after my studies? Which job will suit me and which job won’t? What possibilities do I have with my studies?

To get an answer to these questions and to get an idea of the possibilities out there before finishing your studies, you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice at tech companies and earn a nice salary at the same time. These companies badly need highly trained staff. It’s a win-win situation. The companies benefit from top level employees and you will be ready to put yourself out on the job market. 

So, are you ambitious and looking for a challenge? Do you want to gain relevant work experience and do you want to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? And are you (almost) a master student? Then, we’re looking for you! Are you interested? Fill in the application form and we will get back to you!