About TU/e SURE Innovation

Smart matchmaking between companies and high-potential masterstudents
Matching excellent masterstudents to technical companies, is what TU/e SURE Innovation does in  a nutshell. Only the best will get a chance to gain relevant work experience during their studies. Companies benefit of motivated students with the latest knowledge.

Students explore the workplace
During their studies at the TU/e, for many students arises the question: which job will suit me and which won’t? What possibilities do I have with my studies? To get an answer to these questions, students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Companies get specialised knowledge
Companies will hire students who can help them decreasing their workload and obtain the latest knowledge. The students can rely on the skills and know-how available at the TU/e. This is possible through databases but also in the form  of academic staff who think along. Moreover, companies can scout their future employees. 

Only high-potentials
Working for TU/e SURE Innovation is not just for any student. We work with high-potentials who meet the high qualification criteria. The selection takes place with help from the Admission Board. They judge on know-how as well as complementary abilities. The high potential students is a teamplayer, is loyal and highly motivated.

Let’s start
New assignments are established via a short application procedure. With guidance of the project manager of SURE Innovation, the student and the client will meet. After the briefing, the student works on an action plan and a budget. Then a project-based employment will start.