Teleena is a relatively young company, founded in 2007 with its head office in Nieuwegein. Our core business is developing innovative services in mobile telecommunications. Teleena is an ‘enabler’ which means that we create, develop and manage telecom solutions for other companies who then bring the idea to market. Our first clients on the Dutch market were companies like Hollandsnieuwe, Dirk van der Broek, Ziggo and UPC. We would like to put new ideas on the market and together with our clients think of smart solutions which are not standard.

In fall 2013, Teleena Labs has been founded; a concept where (technical) masterstudents from various studies work at Teleena on innovative projects during a couple of months. Teleena Labs focus lies on the SMAC principle: Social, Mobile, Analytical and Cloud. With this in mind, we came across TU/e SURE Innovation in fall 2013. TU/e SURE Innovation  makes the ideal partner. The students from TU/e SURE Innovation are high-potentials in different disciplines and they have the drive and motivation to accomplish projects with different organizations.

Win Win situation

The collaboration is a win win situation for both parties. The students can experience firsthand how a young company in the telecommunications world does its business and gain experience in various projects. Because of the students, Teleena now has more opportunities to work on innovative projects for which they normally don’t have the time for. And moreover, we benefit from the creative and innovative ideas from the students which we can apply in new services and products. As a result of a brainstorm, we formulated an assignment together with the students which is aimed at the mobile services of the future.

Martijn Lammers, Niels Kleemans and Roel Offermans were the first ‘delegation’ of students who started working at Teleena. With much enthusiasm they presented their first ideas in February and in the coming weeks they will start with the development of a story board.

Longterm collaboration

The collaboration with TU/e SURE Innovation is the start of a (long term) presence of young promising students from different backgrounds. The students inspire us to develop new ideas, and to bring new products and services to market so we can extend our portfolio and to patent the ideas. Who knows, Teleena will become a future employer of one