New Living Lab at TU/e! Bright Lab

Bright Lab is a student initiative of Team Energy. Their aim is to spread awareness of sustainable energy and to help initiatives in the energy field.  Team Energy organizes events in order to increase the speed of the transition to sustainable energy.

“Where innovation starts” is TU/e’s slogan, but where does it  stand for students? Bright Lab aims to fulfil this slogan by aiding start-ups or projects made by students in the field of sustainability and energy. Bright Lab welcomes students from Technical University of Eindhoven, Design Academy of Eindhoven and Eindhoven Fontys.

Bright Lab wants to provide a place for entrepreneurial students where their energy-related ideas can  be developed in and then be transformed into great projects. Bright Lab wants to help students on their very first phase of their project.

Bright Lab knows that there are students who have or want to have a start-up, but who struggle with the early stages. We believe that there is more to gain from the potential of the TU/e students and that the Bright Lab can help with that. Bright Lab aims to pick up projects that focus the topic of sustainability. Then these projects will be nourished with help from Bright Lab, and ideally the projects will turn into successful start-ups. Bright Lab has realised that there is a lack of help offered for student projects that are in this early phase, and Bright Lab wants to fill this gap of need.

We offer a place and tools for the students with their projects. In Bright Lab there are fifteen workspaces available. The idea is to create an inspiring and productive atmosphere at Bright Lab for the students. In addition, there is a small workshop available for projects. The students can do their work in the peaceful workspaces and use the tools offered at the workspace for their projects. The energy catalyst is located in the Multimedia Paviljoen at Technical University of Eindhoven. Here it enjoys the support of the facilities of STARTUP/eindhoven.