Women Entrepreneurship students from Maastricht University visit TU/e

Women Entrepreneurship Promotion event

Participants of Maastricht School of Management's Women Entrepreneurship Promotion (WEP) executive education program, have the opportunity to take part in a variety of entrepreneurship events.

On 27 November, the Women Entrepreneurship students traveled to Eindhoven to pay a visit to TU/e Innovation Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology.

There they attended an exclusive lecture by Ms. Monique Greve (Project Leader at TU/e Innovation Lab) about
the myths of entrepreneurship.

Ms. Caroline de Greef, who founded her own business (Fair2), gave a presentation on business models, highlighting how they can be different and should adapt. She also pointed out that return on investment (ROI) does not always have to be monetary: “’It can have a social value, such as building schools or providing jobs for the local community,” she said.