TU/e spin-off Sponsh wins Accenture Innovation Award in 'Nutrition' category

During the annual Accenture Innovation Awards TU/e spin off Sponsh has won the award in the category Nutrition. The winning product, invented by associate professor Catarina Esteves, is a temperature-sensitive smart textile that obtains water from airSponsh will scale up this material, so it can be a cheap, off-grid, energy-free source of water for arid coastal areas.

The jury was most complimentary about Sponsh."Our winner has a truly innovative product that replicates a natural process to support nature itself.  They have gold in their hands – as either a product or producer of the source of life." As stated by Jury chairman Carl Nagle, Global Marketing Innovation Director at Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

Other winners were Incision Academy (Education), D-rail (Mobility), Quanticor (Security), RAW paints (Climate), Safened (Finance), Expivi (Living and working) and BI/OND: the versatile organ-on-chip (Health). More information on the Accenture Innovation Awards and its winners can be found using this link.

Sponsh recently also won the ClimateLaunchpad 2018 Audience Award.