Get funding for your innovation project related to “Energy in the Built Environment!"

Smart Energy Regions

A relatively unknown but potential interesting funding instrument is the SER impulse tool. It can be interesting to point this tool out to people / companies in your network with the intention to cooperate, yourself  included (using these funds).


Smart Energy Regions is a label in which companies, knowledge institutions and government join forces to develop and implement smart energy systems. One of the instruments to stimulate this cooperation is the SER Impulse tool, where companies in Noord-Brabant can apply for funding. Apply now because 2016 will be the last year you can apply for this funding tool!

The Impulse Tool

There are grants of each maximum 30 k€ available for companies that want to achieve innovations in the field of energy in the built environment and energy market. These  grants can be used in the proof-of-concept or pre-seed stage of an innovation from patent research and feasibility studies to prototype development. Note that this subsidy should (partially) be used to join forces with knowledge institutions.

Applications can be submitted till October 2016. Interested? Check out the website for further information and the terms and conditions you have to comply with for application.

If you have questions send an email to Ewit Roos - coordinator Impulse Control, or Geert Verbong - coordinator Eindhoven Energy Institute.