Top score of seven Veni grants for TU/e

No fewer than seven talented, young TU/e researchers have received a Veni grant of up to 250,000 euros. This equals the highest number of Veni’s ever gained by TU/e.

The seven TU/e winners will be undertaking research in fields ranging from oil paintings and improved silicon solar cells to a new type of battery and polymers that are vibrated by light. The last time the university had so many winners was in 2010. In 2006 and 2003 there were also seven Veni grant winners. 

The ‘Veni’ is awarded each year by NWO. This grant is aimed at giving promising young researchers the possibility to spend three years developing their ideas. In total, this round saw 1127 submissions by researchers of research projects for funding, 154 of which were ultimately honored. 

The seven winners and projects of TU/e are:

  • Behoud van olieverfschilderijen: Dr. ir. Emanuela Bosco (v) - Bouwkunde
  • Katalyse op ‘mesoschaal’: Ivo Filot (m) – Scheikundige Technologie 
  • Van organisch molecuul tot vloeibare batterij: Dr. Koen Hendriks (m) - Scheikundige Technologie / DIFFER
  • Betere beschikbaarheid zeldzame medicijnen: Dr. Tugce Gizem Martagan (v) - Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
  • Trillen onder invloed van licht: Dr. Ghislaine Vantomme (v) – Institute for Complex Molecular Systems
  • Structuur van macromoleculaire grensvlakken: Dr. Mark Vis (m) – Scheikundige Technologie
  • Hoger rendement siliciumzonnecellen: Dr. ir. Jimmy Melskens (m) - Technische Natuurkunde