Bring your idea to the market?

You want to get an idea to market, but don’t know how or simply have no time for this. Then we can help you, for example if it concerns finance. We are constantly looking for good ideas and opportunities to get knowledge to market. Right from the start we are proactive and look at the possibilities with you, rolling up our sleeves.

Regular contact

It is important for us to have regular contact with you so that we are engaged in the research project from the start. This means we can respond quickly to the possibilities that arise during the research and take action early on. If such a possibility does arise, you fill in the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF, see Downloads) and send it via email to Suki Sandhu (TU/e Innovation Lab). Then we check whether TU/e owns the knowledge or the knowledge can be protected and the stage in which the invention finds itself.

Business case

If the screening is positive, we continue with the patent protection procedure and establish a business case. We discuss this with you and then present it to a panel of experts to check the viability of the idea. The business case may then lead to a license or a spin-off with a license. The entire procedure can be found in downloads: technology transfer process. But do contact us if you have any questions.