If you want to apply for an Erasmus+ grant you go to the following website through this link and complete the application form.

Pre-grant application form
The form states the destination and duration of your internship abroad and the amount of credits you will receive. The internship coordinator of your faculty and a representative of the International Office need to sign this form. In case your traineeship takes place after graduation the pre-grant application form needs to be replaced by a letter or email from your university in which they confirm that you are indeed one of their (future) graduates. They also need to declare that they are of the opinion that the traineeship has added value to your studies.

Only for TU/e students!

As soon as the form is signed by the internship coordinator of your faculty, you need to send the form to International Office of ESA. Their policy is a leading factor whether you do or do not receive an Erasmus+ grant for your internship. ESA needs the form for registration of your stay abroad, as well as the request for the collective TU/e travel insurance.

You will receive a registration e-mail in which you validate your information. Subsequently, Reconfirm-TU/e will assess your application and will approve or reject. If approved you will receive an e-mail with log-in codes of Placement Online that are required for successful completion of your Erasmus+ grant application. On the right you can find the instruction. Follow this step-by-step and you will not encounter any problems for a succesful application.

Clearly state in your application the first language of your traineeship. This is needed for the obligatory language assessment from the European Commission. If your main language is Bulgarian, Tsjech, Danish, Greek, English, Spanish, Finish, French, Croatian,  Hungarian, Italian,  Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian or Swedish you are required to do a language assessment prior to your internship. Failure to do this assessment before commencing the first day of the traineeship results in a cut or cancelling of your grant! You'll receive an automatically generated e-mail from us about this. If you do not receive it, please immediately contact us.

If you score below C2 in the assessment you can take advantage of a free online language course. In case you already have a C2 level you are also allowed to do a free online course in the language of the country where the internship takes place. For this you do however need to take (again) an assessment.

The placement agreement contains all the details of the grant. In case of any mistakes present, please communicate this as soon as possible to Reconfirm-TU/e.

Learning agreement
This contains the details of your internship and who coordinates the internship from your home institution and at your internship company. This learning agreement needs to be filled in and signed by all parties prior to the start of the traineeship.

The grant
The grant is paid in two installments: 80% of the grant amount will be forwarded to you after the grant agreement is completed and the language assessment has been done. The last 20% is paid to you once your file in the system is complete.