"Your network to facilitate employability and sustainable careers"

LEO-NET is a network of institutions of higher education all over Europe. LEO-NET is proud to have more than 100 dynamic members. The members of LEO-NET are all active in the field of traineeships within the Erasmus+ Programme. This programme has opportunities for individuals, but also for a wide range of organizations including universities. The members of LEO-NET are universities or consortia who want to stimulate and facilitate traineeships for their students.

LEO-NET was founded in 1999 and was initiated at the EAIE in Maastricht, The Netherlands, the same year.

Every year we organize a seminar in Barcelona for our members and other interested parties. During the seminar members of LEO-NET can learn from each other, the European Commission and about specific topics regarding education and business. You can learn a lot about related issues as for example skills development, mobility consortia and networking amongst partners all over Europe.

Why this platform?

√ Sharing success stories, difficulties, discussions about higher education.

√ Learning from other countries and cultures.

√ Developing strategies for improvement in the field of higher education.

√ A platform for networking.