"Your network to facilitate employability and sustainable careers"

LEO-NET is a network of universities, higher education institutions, mobility consortia and related organisations. This dynamic international community was founded in 1999  in Maastricht, NL.

LEO-NET aims to value all learning opportunities for young talents and to foster all talents in the view of sustainable careers in an inclusive society.
LEO-NET facilitates cooperation among the members and builds bridges between the world of labour and the different stakeholders; this on a regional, national and transnational level. LEO-NET encourages mutual understanding, intercultural respect in a sustainable, inclusive society.

LEO-NET supports the values & objectives of the European Commission concerning European citizenship and the struggle against youth unemployment.

Why this platform?

√ Sharing success stories, difficulties, discussions about higher education.

√ Learning from other countries and cultures.

√ Developing strategies for improvement in the field of higher education.

√ A platform for networking.