The TU/e is a location where innovations are the order of the day

ENGIE, formally known as GDF SUEZ, is a global energy player with a yearly turnover of €74.7 billion. The ambition of ENGIE is to become the future leader of the decentralized energy value chain. In order to do so, ENGIE is putting much effort on innovation in areas like energy efficiency, smart cities, smart mobility, new renewable energy sources and smart energy management. To accelerate innovations and shorten time to market ENGIE started 11 incubators. One of the incubators started at the 15th of June at the TU/e Innovationlab. Reason for picking the TU/e Innovationlab as incubator location is the available knowledge at the campus and the cooperation with students and the officers working at the TU/e Innovationlab in order to gain new insights.

Subject of the incubator is a project with the work titel “Energy Navigator”. The Energy Navigator is a smart and effective approach to detect energy efficiency in the real estate environment (e.g. hospitals, offices and schools). Without visiting a building and even knowing how the building looks like, the Energy Navigator knows if there are in-efficiencies in the building, and if yes, where they are located. The first tests resulted in an average energy saving of €2-€4/m2.  The main deliverable for the incubator after the first nine months is a minimum viable product for offices in The Netherlands. After that we expand our scope to other segments and other countries.

To fulfil our target after 9 months we need the help of students at SURE Innovation. We already made two work assignments with the topics energy pattern recognition and data model structuring, and currently we are working on a third one with the topic: value for data. We strongly believe students can accelerate our development, gain new insights for the current development and can come up with new ideas for new business models. On the other students get new insights in the world of energy and data, generate knowledge of our unique approach, get to know our company better and get a nice work assignment mentored by an authority in the area of data – energy – building performance – system analyses.     

We absolutely we can make things happen at the TU/e Innovationlab. If you have any question about our incubator, please feel free to contact Giel van Giersbergen (giel.van.giersbergen@cofely-gdfsuez.nl or 06-18832007)