Our mission is to help people see the beauty and the fascinating side of everyday products. With a balanced mix of design and innovative technologies we want to inspire and amaze people.The first step in this mission is the LUNALUXX.

Flight...levitation... and the defiance of gravity! The sights of such events tend to challenge our perception and stirrup intrigue. The LUNALUXX was designed with precisely this in mind.

It is truly the first of its kind featuring a minimalistic design, generating a smooth atmospheric light with a futuristic touch.
 By combining both magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies, a light emitting disc is freely suspended in mid air!

We are graduates of the Eindhoven University of Technology and have combined knowledge in the fields of Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship. This diversity in fields gives us the ability to see challenges and problems from different perspectives, resulting in unique and unconventional solutions. As a startup we are very excited to see how people will react to what we've been doing.