Ever more students found their own company and the TU/e recognizes the huge potential of entrepreneurial students. StartupRP (part of The Gate) is the business incubator of the TU/e. We aim to give starting entrepreneurs a soft landing on the market by providing everything you need to start and grow a business. On top of basic facilities, we provide entrepreneurship programs and we have access to a large network of friends (business partners), experienced coaches and the extensive knowledge base of the TU/e. Our community provides an informal and relaxed way to explore your options. Why not give it a try? Our services are in most cases free of charge. 

Why should I get started?

Now is the time! During your studies, you probably don’t have too many responsibilities yet. So you’ve got little to lose and everything to gain!

  • Be part of a social (ad)venture
  • Develop new skills
  • Expand your network/get in touch with potential employers
  • It certainly adds to your CV
  • Contribute to improve society
  • Pursue your passion
  • Create something from scratch
  • Build a team

Your starting point

Of course it all starts with getting in touch. For an intake, please contact Monique Greve or send your question to The Gate. Together we’ll figure out what kind of support you need and how we can help.