BOOST is a free format program that we tailor around a specific knowledge domain and carry out in collaboration with our partner. The partners include profit- and nonprofit organizations that want to offer their members/stakeholders a special knowledge BOOST. The program is based on invite-only.

The program will be adapted according to our partner's wishes, demands, available budget and the number of participants. It could be a series of interviews between influencers as well as a Summer school on “entrepreneurship”, and everything in between. The common denominator is that the program has to support and inspire the participants around a certain (technological) theme and that we involve experts in this domain that are affiliated with the Eindhoven University of Technology. Participants could be students as well as employees, as long as they are curious and open to absorb knowledge to finally BOOST their startup or career.

If you are interested to explore the possibilities, please send an email to Monique Greve or give her a call on 06 14 53 15 32.

Best Practice

Partner: EIT Urban Mobility, Hub West

Instruction: inspire, support, connect and help grow the five best European mobility startups that have been selected under the supervision of EIT Urban Mobility, Hub West.

Format: a series of four in-depth interviews around specific business topics, each of them with a CEO of a successful young company in the mobility domain, moderated by TU/e expert Carlo van de Weijer. The interviews were recorded and live-streamed (see sidebar). Participants could interact and ask questions via Teams.

Side program: participants received individual pre-and after coaching sessions with mentors from Brainport Development, who also connected them to relevant parties in the Brainport region.

The program was open to anyone interested via shared live streams.

Overview of the Q&A sessions

  • Q&A Session November 2021
    Keynote speaker: Eric van Eijndhoven, Chief Operating Officer at Tranzer
    Topic: Personal growth, creating high performance teams, building and scaling in a relatively new market
  • Q&A Session October 2021
    Keynote speaker: Maijke Receveur, Chief People & Processes Officer at Lightyear
    Topic: Company values and decision-making processes
  • Q&A Session March 2021
    Keynote speaker: Tom Selten, Business Developer Lead from Lightyear
    Topic: Organization and Strategic Alliances
  • Q&A Session April 2021
    Keynote speaker: Hans de Penning, founder and CEO of Amber
    Topic: Financial business case and public / private investments
  • Q&A Session May 2021
    Keynote speaker: Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EV-Box
    Topic: Technical Production Solution and Manufacturability
  • Q&A Session June 2021
    Keynote speaker: Yuri Steinbuch, founder and CEO of Avular
    Topic: Market, Marketing roadmap and Competitive Advantage

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