Eindhoven Engine BV

TU/e is closely involved in the development of Eindhoven Engine, a cooperative initiative that is being explored and developed by: TU/e, ASML, Philips Healthcare, Philips Lighting, NXP Semiconductors, VDL, DSM and NTS.

As an innovation program

Three angles define the Eindhoven Engine concept: the Engine as an innovation program, as co-locations and as an industry-driven knowledge network. As a program, Eindhoven Engine promotes and organizes roadmap-driven joint R&D, new business and the enhancement of human capital for industry. Cooperation in Eindhoven Engine’s R&D projects is built around the expertise that each of the companies brings in, in competence areas such as high tech equipment and data sciences or in application areas such as smart mobility and robotics.

As an industry-driven knowledge network

At the center of Eindhoven Engine is the belief that we need to create and make optimum use of R&D co-locations, such as at the TU/e campus, High Tech Campus, the Automotive Campus and Brainport Industries Campus. In inspiring co-locations our industrial and academic researchers find their joint research ‘home’, the best facilities for R&D, the free exchange of ideas and expertise. Our most talented students will join these projects and generate fresh new insights for innovation with our industry partners.

Living labs

Eindhoven Engine is to be reinforced by a strong network that will make the Engine Brainport’s beacon for exponential innovation. A knowledge-driven network of companies, research institutes, government and citizens that wants to connect to Eindhoven Engine and its innovation drive. A network that organizes seminars, courses and innovation studies. The network will strengthen public engagement for innovation and can aim to enable the innovative ecosystems around the Engine’s co-locations to become living labs where technology can be developed in real-life experimental settings such as home healthcare, personal mobility and smart energy infrastructures around our homes.