Fistuca is a young, dynamic and ambitious company that started as a spin-off of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Since 2008 Fistuca has designed and built innovative equipment for the foundation industry. In 2011 Fistuca started the development of BLUE Piling Technology for driving large offshore piles. In 2015 the Dutch offshore heavy equipment supplier Huisman acquired a stake in Fistuca, allowing further growth. Currently operating from the Buccaneer in Delft, Fistuca is working to shape the future of the offshore energy industry.

BLUE Piling Technology

BLUE Piling Technology (patented) is a new technology for driving large piles offshore. The technology breaks with the tradition of using increasingly larger impact hammers to drive piles offshore and instead utilizes what is abundantly available offshore… water! Its unique blow characteristic results in blows that are powerful, yet gentle and quiet.

BLUE Wedge Connection

The BLUE Wedge Connection is a new connection technology for offshore wind substructures. It is easy and safe to install, requiring minimal offshore work. The design is very robust and highly resistant to fatigue. As there is no need for inspection, the operational expenditures are minimal compared to other connection methods. The highly scalable design also reduces capital expenditures, especially for next-generation offshore wind turbines.