Dynamic Force Modulation

We have developed a new and innovative medical rehabilitation and training machine. The MaxDFM combines the versatility of a cable pulley with our patented dynamic force modulation technology.

The MaxDFM operates on the principle of:

  • dynamic Force Variation over time plus…
  • a rapid change in over- and under-load (experienced as vibration) through force modulated technology that triggers the neuromuscular reflex in the targeted muscle(s).

Working at the scientifically proven 30Hz, the MaxDFM increases muscle strength by applying a constant modulation of 60% under- and 60% overload of the setted force .

Proven Benefits

  • 40% -100% increase in efficiency of muscle activation and fatigue with substantially reduced strain on joints, tendons and ligaments
  • muscle strength increments at half the effort as compared to training without force modulation.
  • increased blood muscle perfusion
  • higher muscle flexibility
  • increased bone density and reduced bone decay
  • increased muscle coordination

The major benefit: over 40% in training efficiency and less strain and stress on tendons, ligamants and joints. Ideally suited for rehabilitation purposes, strength training for sport and topsport.

the motor-controlled oscillating cable pulley allows for a wide range of exercises for upper and lower body.