Level Acoustics

Acoustics, that is what it is all about at the TU/e spin-off Level Acoustics. How can noise nuisance or sound vibrations be reduced? And how do you create the perfect acoustics? Level Acoustics has the answer. Customers of the spin-off are to be found all over the world. From libraries to concert venues and museums.

Renz van Luxemburg is the company's founder. As Professor of Architectural Acoustics at TU/e he already possessed the relevant knowledge. His dream, of starting his own company, became reality. Since then Van Luxemburg has passed away and today Susanne Bron is at the helm.

“We apply our knowledge of acoustics in various ways,” explains Bron. “For example, in cooperation with TU/e and TNO we conduct research. We study how we can reduce vibrations and noise nuisance and, conversely, how we can ensure optimum sound in, say, a concert hall.”

A second line of work: consultancy. “We are proud to be involved in prestigious projects worldwide.” The names and cities that Bron lists appeal to the imagination. “In Milan, for example, we worked directly for Prada. We take our work very seriously and are good at what we do; that doesn't go unnoticed. As a result, we also work for large consultancies such as Royal Haskoning DHV.”


Finally, Level Acoustics is keen to share its acquired knowledge, in master classes and workshops. But also by collaborating with other (TU/e) spin-offs. “Seeking this cooperation is very important to us.” There is still plenty of involvement with TU/e. “Our offices are on the campus and we share knowledge with the department and other spin-offs. That keeps us on our toes. And that's the only way you can stay ahead of the pack.”