ProcessGold is a software company that builds software for organizations in order to continuously improve and monitor their processes. In order to achieve this, we use advanced process mining algorithms.

Process mining is a technique that reconstructs the real process based on the data in the companies IT systems. You just connect the data to our enterprise solution and you will see what’s really going on in your company. So, our recommendation is: Stop Guessing, act on Facts.

ProcessGold delivers a platform to build end-to-end solutions, from collecting the data to representing it in pre-defined dashboards. Once done, analyzing the processes and discovering critical throughput times, unwanted complexity, SLA violations, root causes, quality issues, fraud and many more insights, can start. Using these insights companies can work more efficient, more compliant and last but not least, can serve their customers better.

Data and context are key for process and data analytics. That’s why we work together with partners all over the world that have access to the data and the expertise to understand the challenges that their customers have.

Cooperation with TU/e

In 2005 ProcessGold started out as MagnaView, a spin-off from the TU/e’s visualization department, and was successful for more than 10 years in providing sector specific management information and analytics based on visualizations. With the incorporation of the Process Mining algorithms, which also originated from research performed at the TU/e, MagnaView transformed into ProcessGold, thus taking the next step.

The cooperation with the TU/e is still very strong. Most of the software engineers have a background at the university and each year a number of students perform their graduation projects at ProcessGold. We also have a number of students with a part-time job, gaining valuable work experience next to their study.