Simbeyond accelerates development of advanced materials and high-tech devices as used in state-of-the-art display, lighting and signage applications. Optimizing efficiency, lifetime and colour point of these devices and getting the most out of the raw materials used remains challenging. As a result, devices are currently optimized using expensive and labour-intensive experiments. Simbeyond provides an unprecedented software tool for the development of organic electronic devices that replaces a large part of the costly and time-consuming experimental efforts with computer simulations. The unique approach provided allows our customers to analyse, predict and improve device performance. Not only is this relevant for device manufacturers looking to optimize device structures, but also for material manufacturers looking to test new materials. This leads to a shorter time-to-market and to reduced R&D costs for the electronic devices of today and tomorrow.

Bumblebee is our state-of-the-art kinetic Monte Carlo simulation code, optimized for molecular-scale simulations of opto-electronic processes in disordered systems, such as OLEDs, OPV and OFETs.

The intuitive web interface of Bumblebee allows you to quickly prepare and specify your virtual experiment and start dozens of device or material simulations from your laptop using the cloud-based environment.