TU/e Innovation Lab

  • TU/e Innovation Lab
    We translate our academic and technological findings into solutions that help tackle societal challenges. But how can you bring knowledge to the market? That's why TU/e Innovation Lab has been established.
  • Innovation Academy 
    TU/e Innovation Lab facilitates TU/e staff and students in the valorization process. To this end we recently clustered all our studies and courses in a special study program: Innovation Academy.
  • Masterclass in High Tech Entrepreneurship

Business Development & Entrepreneurship

  • Business Development
    We translate knowledge from TU/e into business by creating spin-offs, but also by closing and selling licenses and patents. Furthermore, we stimulate and support entrepreneurship within the TU/e. 
  • The Golden Lightbulb
    The Golden Lightbulb challenges people who work, study and live in the Brainport Regions to investigate if their bright idea can be turned into a profitable business. In three challenges they will be supported to turn their idea into a concrete business proposal. 
  • TU/e SURE Innovation
    TU/e SURE Innovation makes scientific research and the latest technologes accessible for SMEs. They give an answer to your innovation question.
  • TU/e Holding
    TU/e Holding Ltd. participates in spin-off companies from the TU/e. The companies derive from the intellectual property of the university. 
  • Data Science

Research Support & Funding

  • Research Support
    The research support team helps with external funding for their research and the development of project proposals on a national and European level. This network also offers support in establishing contacts with relevant companies (setting up consortia) and networks, and helps researchers with patenting and setting up contracts.
  • TKI funding
    Private-public collaborations and Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie (TKI's) can submit applications for PPS project funding. Also the TU/e.

Centers & Partnerships

  • Flagship Telecom
    KPN and TU/e are collaborating in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the telecom sector. 
  • Integrated Photonics
    Integrated photonics is a rising technology with a market potential of biliions. It's one of the focus areas of TU/e. 
  • 4TU
    The four technical universities in the Netherlands are joining forces in the reinforcement and clustering of scientific knowledge.

Student teams

  • Student teams
    TU/e is a breeding ground for young engineers who address societal challenges by carrying out projects. Projects in which education, innovation and entrepreneurship are combined with surprising outcomes.