Workshops on Personal Grants

Competing for a Research Grant: your presentation. How to optimize your presentation for a jury.

Acquiring personal grants, either from the NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (VI) or from the ERC Starting Grant, is important for the scientific career of young scientists. You have submitted a proposal or maybe you intend to do so in the (near) future. Assume your proposal is accepted and you are invited for an interview with the jury. How will you convince the jury that it is your research that makes the difference? This course supports you in optimizing your presentation for this occasion. During this course you will be able to practice your presentation skills and you will receive feedback and tips for further improvement.

Your ERC SG or CoG proposal: core workshop

In the coming few years the ERC will launch calls with deadlines in October for ERC Starting Grant applicants and in February for ERC Consolidator Grant applicants. The ERC Starting Grant is targeting at excellent researchers between 2-7 years after PhD, the ERC Consolidator is open to excellent researchers between 8-12 years after their PhD. This workshop will supply you with the necessary knowledge to write a successful ERC proposal and will be an invaluable aid in meeting the ERC standards. It will help you to get one step closer to obtaining an ERC Starting Grant or Consolidator Grant.

Your VENI proposal: idea to grant

Obtaining a VENI-, VIDI- or VICI grant from NWO is an important milestone in the research career of (young) scientists in the Netherlands. The Talent Scheme is highly competitive with average success rates of 15%, depending on year and science division. During thisworkshop we will distinguish between the quality of the scientific project and the quality of the written proposal text. Both need to be excellent in order to be successful. We will address the typical characteristics of a VENI application considering the different NWO domains. In addition, focus will be on evaluation criteria and evaluation questions to be addressed by the external referees, including their inter-relationship and the proposal format.

If you have questions or you would like to have more information regarding these workshops, please contact Laura Pander.