This is the floorplan of innovation Space in Matrix. We share the building with EPC, the Equipment & Prototype Center. Below you can find an overview of spaces in innovation Space. 


TU/e innovation Space provides students with possibility to work on prototypes with support of experienced staff in dedicated workshop rooms. Contact person: Edwin van den Einden.

Matrix 0.200

Mechanical workshop

The workshop for students to build mechanical prototypes using different types of materials and machines. It includes: opportunities for sawing, milling, lathing, welding, etc.

Matrix 0.202

Modelling workshop

The workshop where students can shape and model their prototypes and give it the finishing touch. It includes: tools for laminating, spray painting, sanding, grinding, etc.

Matrix 0.203

Clean workshop

Workshop that is mainly used for casting the silicone and also for electrical battery storage with very high safety measures. Temporarily used as a paddock.

Assembly areas

On the first floor there are two assembly areas. Contact person is Huub van der Palen

Matrix 1.100

Heavy Assembly

Space used for for courses and temporary experimental setups, 3D-printing, soldering and testing components and PCB boards in the electronic lab and as a dedicated space for using non-water based solvents and glues.

Matrix 1.260

Light assembly

This is the open assembly space. Here you can build your 'proof of concept' with basic tools when there is no education. The service desk can provide you with tools and assistance every weekday from 8:00h until 18:00h. 3D printing is also possible via the service desk assistants.

Working and meeting spaces

Next to workshops and assembly areas for prototyping, there are also work and meeting spaces available. 

Matrix 1.350

Office area

A flex office space where the community of innovation Space can work.

Matrix 1.235

Pantry area

This is the place where the kitchen and the long table are. Here you may use the kitchen utilities, the dishwasher (put dirty dishes in, put it on and empty it), and the fridge which is next to the coffee machine (right one is for innoSpace members). You also may use the microwave but please clean it after using it.

Matrix 1.226

Event area

This area is next to the pantry area / behind the coffee machines. This is primarily a work place and/or a place for events, not a lunch room. There are also two fridges in that space, which mainly can be used for events. If you put things in it, mark those items with your name. And always, after using the fridge: empty it and clean it.

Matrix 1.231 and 1.239


There are two paddocks on the first floor which are assigned to teams.

Matrix 1.222


This room is innovation Space only and accessible with campus card (for all team members and innovation Space staff). You can reserve this room 2 weeks ahead by filling in the paper on the door.

Matrix 0.341/1.108/1.112/1/218/1.329

Meeting rooms

Everyone can book meeting rooms, but only (max.) 7 days ahead, via Outlook or BookMySpace. If you want to plan a meeting (or a series of meetings) further ahead, please contact secretariaat.innovationspace@tue.nl.

Matrix 1.116/1.122/1.333/1.340/1.345

Lecture rooms

Education of innovation Space mostly takes place in the Light Assembly area (1.260). There are however other rooms in Matrix used for lectures.