Bachelor End Project (BEP)

Innovation Space Bachelor End Project (ISBEP)

At the TU/e, students are being prepared to become the engineer of the future. In the changing world we live in, this requires more than pure technological expertise. We need to communicate with each other to be successful. This particular skill is offered by Innovation Space: where students work in interdisciplinary teams on real world problems. We invite you, students from all faculties, to do your final bachelor project (BEP) in TU/e innovation Space.

Here you can work on problems from companies, student teams and the university itself in small groups. Imagine the possibilities when the knowledge of an electrical engineer, an industrial engineer, a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer are combined. And then, imagine what you can learn from working together with other disciplines. ISBEP teams get the opportunity to work in Matrix, an ideal building to work out concepts, have meetings and develop a prototype. During the ISBEP, Innovation Space will make sure you are guided by ambitious students and great teachers.

Basic innovation Space BEP specifications:

  • 2nd semester 2018-2019 (February – July 2019). 10-20 ECTS per student
  • Reserved work locations in Matrix building (office, meeting and workshop)
  • Interdisciplinary teams (3-5 persons)
  • Language: English
  • Projects delivered by TU/e researchers, and non-TU/e industrial/social partners
  • Matchmaking via Innovation Space project market (Early September 2018)
  • Regular meetings with the project owner and bi-weekly update presentations
  • Grading of students by TU/e staff from his/her own department.

The projects of this round of ISBEP are related to the following subjects: Lighting, IoT, Energy transition, Sound and Outer Space. Detailed project descriptions are available here.

A great example case from last year is a project called ‘resonating art’. In this project, an artist worked together with Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Psychology & Technology and Mechanical engineering students to create a visualization of normally inaudible sounds. The result was a construction with parts moving as a response to different sound input and is displayed on the Dutch Technology Week.

Planning & procedure
Do you want to join the ISBEP? Great! These are the steps:

  • Indicate to your faculties BEP coordinator that you want to join ISBEP and sign up.
  • Send an email to innovation Space to indicate that you have signed up (
  • Your BEP coordinator will let you know if you are selected for ISBEP.
  • You will be invited for the project & group matching-session by innovation Space.

Contact details:
If you have any questions about a BEP at innovation Space or about the projects, please email us.

More information for students is available here.