Do you like to work with students from other disciplines? Do you want to work on projects outside the boundaries of your department? Do you want to work with companies or start your own project? Come to TU/e innovation Space to realize your dream!

At TU/e innovation Space we offer exciting interdisciplinary courses and projects that can have societal impact. Courses offered at innovation Space help companies and researchers to solve real-world challenges and allow you to unleash your talents to build innovative solutions.

If you want to learn in an innovative way, take up a challenge or realize a prototype, we offer you inspiring courses, facilities, a vibrant community and a network to do so!

Bachelor courses quartile 4

0SAUG0 - Secret light of light USE project 
In this module, project teams work on a challenging project formulated by the ILI and external clients. Projects may have a research or design orientation but are grounded in a basic understanding of user contextual and technical requirements of innovative light applications, and involve empirical data gathering and analysis i.e. user-research. 

1ZAUB0 - Entrepreneurship in action 
In this last project course of the USE sequence “Technology Entrepreneurship” students apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the previous two USE courses. The ultimate goal of this project course is the development of a value proposition for a technological innovation. Each student team will come up with a unique solution and concept based on given technologies.

4GA50 - Solar Heat System
Climate change and global warming are main challenges in modern society. In 2015, 195 countries join the Paris climate agreement, which sets out a global action plan to limit the global warming. To reduce the CO2 emissions, sustainable energy systems play an essential role. Here, we focus on solar water heating systems for domestic use. The aim of this student project is to design, build and test a solar heat system. With this system an amount of water should be heated up as much as possible. This is checked by tapping 1 liter of water from the storage tank at the end of a test cycle, and measuring its temperature increase.

4WAU00 - User testing, evaluation and improvement
This is the third course of the USE-line Engineering Design. User testing and improvement is the last step in the learning line where a technical protype is matured into a sellable product. NOTE: the courses in this USE-line can be followed independently

DAAU10 - Interdisciplinary Innovation
This course focuses on Interdisciplinary innovation and links Design Thinking to contemporary business practices and tools such as the Lean Start-up methodology and the Business Model Canvas. Panellists from diverse backgrounds from both within and outside the university will be invited to provide expert feedback on the design project results.

ISBEP- BEP projects

Master courses quartile 4

1ZM150 - Innovation Space project
The emphasis of this group is on interdisciplinarity in the design process

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