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Student projects

Energy transition & Smart cities


Developing electronics tailored to innovative solar modules, enabling a cost-effective and integrated production and supply chain. This way energy can be generated right where people need it. 

Intelligent lighting


Creating an interactive lighting installation for GLOW.

Health & Internet of Things


The braille interface for smartphones empowering blind and visually impaired into the online world



SensUs is a yearly international student competition on sensors for health. By involving students, industry, and health partners we strive to accelerate the development of sensors for better healthcare.

Energy transition, Smart processes and materials & Smart cities


Team CORE focuses on researching and enabling the recycling of hard-to-process waste streams, like e-waste and contaminated soil.

Complex High Tech Systems & Internet of Things


Pressure sensitive keyboard to prevent burn-outs.



T.E.S.T. aims to aid the transformation from cure oriented healthcare to preventative healthcare with innovative biosensor solutions at home. 

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence esports team working on state of the art algorithms.

Health & Internet of Things


Completely wireless, portable and adaptive full body motion capture system.

Energy transition

Team Falcon

Developing a green, sustainable and modular powertrain for the Cessna 150.

Complex High Tech Systems


Aiming to accurately track rockets from the ground, and to measure cosmic radiation on the rocket itself using cheap sensors. 

Internet of Things & Health


Improve the awareness of people about their sitting habits in an interactive way.

Smart processes and materials, Internet of Things & Complex High Tech Systems


Developing a race drone that can fly autonomously.

Energy transition & smart cities

Team RED

Accelerating the energy transition through an innovation guiding platform. 

Agriculture and food & Smart processes and materials

Upprinting food

Upprinting Food is dedicated to reduce food waste by 3D printing food from residual food flows.

Smart processes and materials


A review platform for internships and jobs.

Intelligent lighting & Smart cities


Add-on for trash bins to motivate people to throw their trash in the bins.

Complex High Tech Systems & Internet of Things


A state-of-the-art autonomous cloakroom solution, which enables the hospitality sector to offer an additional revenue-generating service for their customers to secure their coat in a quick, user-friendly manner.

Agriculture and food

Light 2

A new cladding solution that helps you grow.

Energy transition


SOLID develops a sustainable energy storage system with iron powder as circular energy carrier.

Health & Internet of Things

Ares Analytics

A cheap, light, and non-invasive wearable that tracks exercise intensity continuously with the help of data science.

Complex High Tech Systems & Smart processes and materials


Ratio develops software for aligning the hundreds of different designs involved in producing complex systems, such as aircraft, MRI scanners or bridges, with one another.

Energy transition & Smart cities


The alternative for housing in the Netherlands. Contributing to innovation in the construction industry.

Complex High Tech Systems & Artificial Intelligence

Fruitpunch AI

Stimulating AI research and helping it be put into practice. Focusing on connecting people, doing research, applying AI technologies and educating people in aspects of AI.

Development projects

OP Zuid