TU/e Academic Awards ceremony

During the Acadamic Awards Ceremony, the TU/e pays tribute to the best graduation projects by presenting the annual TU/e Academic Awards. Also, the Marina van Damme grant is presented to a talented TU/e alumna.

MomenTUm 21 September

This year MomenTUm, the academic celebration of the year, is being organized for the first time. In it, the Dies Natalis, the presentation of honorary doctorates, the Academic Awards, the presentation of the Marina van Damme Grant and the Bachelor's diploma ceremonies are merged into a festive day, consisting of one major ceremony and a large party. Everyone is welcome: students and employees, but also parents, friends, alumni, relations and the people of Eindhoven.
MomenTUm takes place on Friday 21 September, which means that the Academic Awards ceremony will then take place and that the other ceremonies mentioned will not be planned on the days they used to be planned. More information will follow.

2017 winners

On Wednesday 17 May the TU/e Academic Awards 2017 were announced for the best Master's project, PhD thesis and design project op 2016.
The winners are Ronen Kroeze (MSc Thesis Award), Jaron Sanders (PhD Thesis Award) and Evangelos Stamatopoulos (PDEng Thesis Award).
The Marina van Damme Grant for women engineers went to alumna Elise Huisman.

Academic Awards

Through its high-quality education and research, the TU/e contributes to the advancement of the technical sciences and to the development of engineering and the development of technological innovations. With the annual TU/e Academic Awards we celebrate the TU/e talents who produce the best MSc thesis, PDEng thesis and PhD thesis.

Marina van Damme Grant

The Marina van Damme grant is awarded to a talented female TU/e MSc, PDEng, or PhD graduate working in science, industry or government. TU/e is keen to give a career boost to female engineering graduates or PhDs of TU/e. The Marina van Damme Grant is a nudge in the right direction for them. Read more