Constructions on TU/e Campus

The TU/e is working on a modern, green campus.Due to the construction of the TU/e Campus (which will be ready in 2020) and events organized in the aforementioned area, certain locations sometimes may be less accessible.

Whenever areas at the TU/e Campus are less accessible, we will list the locations and dates on this page.

No passage through De Zaale from Kennedylaan, parking place Auditorium accessible

As from 7 June till begin of 2018, there is no passage possible for all traffic: motorists, cyclists, pedestrians. From the entrance John F. Kennedylaan only the parking site P1 near the Auditorium building is accessible. The part of De Zaale that goes under the Northside of the Atlas building will be completely closed, that's why further passage on De Zaale is not possible. Bus line 104 rides an alternative route.
Motorists can use the other 2 entrances: via Insulindelaan and Prof. Doctor Dorgelolaan. The closure is necessary because of the reconstruction of the new facades on the North side of Atlas.

Check out the drawing.

Accessibility around Atlas

During the redevelopment of the Atlas building it is inevitable that you will notice something of the constructions. Think of the many trucks which will drive around the building. Also, certain roads will be temporarily less accessible. Van Wijnen will try to keep noise and traffic congestion to a minimum, specifically in exam periods and during the Information Days. For questions and /or complaints during the construction you can contact the Frontoffice of Real Estate Management or call: 040-247 2650.

The constructions

  • the pedestrian /bicycle path on the South side of Atlas, on the other side of the pond has been expanded. This because of the closure of the passage South side of Atlas /pond. Check out the drawing of the situation;
  • the road between MetaForum and Atlas is closed for all traffic, exc. pedestrians, emergency services, and security.

Parking prohibition Karpendonkse Plas area

There is a parking prohibition between 8.00 and 10.00 a.m. on working days, for the following streets in the area around Karpendonkse Plas:

  • service road on the north side of Onze Lieve Vrouwenstraat, situated between Javalaan and Sumatralaan;
  • Javalaan, from Onze Lieve Vrouwenstraat to Koudenhovenseweg;
  • Johan de Wittlaan from Javalaan to Koudenhovenseweg Noord;
  • Sumatralaan;
  • Floresstraat;
  • Soembastraat.
    (red lines on the drawing means no parking)

This measure has been decided on in consultation with the municipality of Eindhoven, TU/e, Fontys and the residents. It concerns a pilot till October 2017.

Reason for parking prohibition
The reason for the adoption of this resolution by the municipality of Eindhoven is the fact that the whole area is experiencing nuisance caused by parked cars of parkers who have no designation within this area, such as users of the TU/e site. Due to the commencement of metered parking for employees on the TU/e Campus and the closing of the service road O.L. Vrouwestraat (which has meanwhile been opened again), increasing parking pressure is felt in that area. The proprietor IJzeren Man experiences a lot of nuisance because of the fact that his own visitors cannot find parking spaces in that neighborhood. Moreover, many residents and other interested parties have reported inconvenient parking behavior. Cars parked on the roadway and the sidewalk are leading to a poorly organized traffic situation here.

We emphatically want to ask TU/e employees to observe the parking regulations and not to park in front of entrance and exit ramps, on sidewalks and so on.

More information
More information, traffic orders, drawing and the procedure for lodging objections can be found on the site of the municipality of Eindhoven