Bus line station Eindhoven - TU/e Campus

Bus line 104 TU/e Science Park will be ending as of December 10, 2017.

Hermes bus line TU/e Science Park (104) connects the railway station / Neckerspoel bus station Eindhoven to TU/e Campus. The bus line will run in the morning and the afternoon, every fifteen minutes.

4 bus stops on TU/e Campus
1.  Laplaceplein (near Laplace building)
2.  De Lismortel (near Pabo building)
3.  De Rondom-Oost (near Differ building)
4.  De Rondom-Zuid (near Flux building)

Inspect the new timetable of the bus.

Ticket price
The ticket price depends on your travel history of the day. If the bus ride to TU/e Campus is your first ride of the day, a start-up rate of 88 eurocent applies in addition to the 20 eurocent for the fare. If you change to line 104 from another bus at Neckerspoel station within 35 minutes, you only pay the fare. This also applies if you travel to Eindhoven on a bus from another bus company (e.g. Arriva) and subsequently board the Hermes bus to TU/e Campus within 35 minutes.

If you travel back from TU/e Campus to the station you will again pay the fare and the start-up rate (1.08 euro).

Inspect the route of the bus.

Please note: in the period as from 7 June till December 10, 2017, the route has been changed, due to partly closure of De Zaale. Check out the alternative route.