Dr. ir. H. Kramers

ir. Hendrik Kramers

Ir. Hendrik Kramers receives an honorary doctorate as an homage for his many and important achievements in technical science, especially his pioneering work on physical technology.

Hendrik Kramers was born at Constantinople on 16 January 1917. In 1941 he graduated from Delft University of Technology as a physical engineer. He subsequently joined TNO at Delft.

In 1947 Mr. Kramers was appointed professor of physical technology at Delft University of Technology. This was a new academic chair intended to train substantial numbers of physicists with a good grasp of the physical aspects of technical processes. These were needed for the expansion and modernization of Dutch process industry.

Hendrik Kramers made important contributions to the field of transport phenomena. He developed new methodologies and determined substance constants, such as diffusion coefficients, solubility, and reaction constants.