dr. Stuart Parkin

Stuart Parkin is an IBM Fellow and Manager of the Magnetoelectronics group at the IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, California and a consulting professor in the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford University. He is also director of the IBM-Stanford Spintronic Science and Applications Center, which was formed in 2004. Parkin has (co-)authored more than 350 papers more than 50 issued patents.

Dr. Parkin is a pioneer in the science and application of spintronic materials. His discovery of oscillatory interlayer coupling in magnetic multilayers and giant magnetoresistance in sputter deposited magnetic metallic heterostructures led to the development of the spin-valve read head, which enabled a more than 100-fold increase in the magnetic hard-disk-drive data-density. He also proposed using magnetic tunneling junction storage elements to create a high performance magnetic random access memory (MRAM). MRAM memory promises unique attributes of high speed, high density and non-volatility.

Dr. Parkin is currently researching new structures for use as spin transistors and spin-logic devices that may enable a new generation of low-power electronics.