Prof. dr. David C. Montgomery

David C. Montgomery (born 1936) is awarded the degree of doctor honoris causa at the recommendation of the TU/e department of Applied Physics. The honorary doctorate is conferred to him especially for his pioneering work on two-dimensional hydrodynamics and magnetic hydrodynamics. His research has brought both fields of research together.

Professor Montgomery teaches at Dartmouth College, Hannover, New Hampshire USA. He commenced his study of physics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (USA), where he took his Bsc degree in 1956. He continued his study at Princeton University, getting his PhD four years later. His doctoral research was concerned with non-linear wave phenomena in plasmas. Professor Montgomery published countless articles on this subject, and made important contributions to various aspects of plasma physics theory. He later extended his attention to hydrodynamics, notably non-linear wave phenomena and turbulence. It was especially his work on two-dimensional turbulence which broke new ground, and which led to new insights greatly influencing the course of later research. Professor Montgomery was one of the first scientists who succeeded in substantiating the phenomenon of self-organization of two-dimensional turbulence from statistical mechanics. The sixty-year-old professor also was the first to recognize the fundamental limitations of so-called ideal magneto-hydrodynamics.

During his career Professor Montgomery held many visiting lectureships at various research institutions and universities, such as NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Berkeley, and Utrecht University. No less than eighteen PhD students performed internationally acclaimed research under his supervision. Honorary tutor Gert Jan van Heijst calls Professor Montgomery's work highly important for fluid dynamics, plasma physics and astrophysics. Professor Montgomery combines an outstanding command of analytical methods with a profound understanding of physics.