TU/e Fellows

TU/e Fellows and Departmental Fellows

The TU/e and Departmental Fellowship are intended to connect leaders from a specific field of expertise to the TU/e. TU/e and Departmental Fellows function at the level of Full professor and UHD respectively and act as ambassadors for the TU/e. From the nature of their careers, they emphatically perform in the field of Valorization. They also actively contribute to scientific research and education. This could include people with a special track record of R&D responsibility in a particular area in the business community.

Fellows will be awarded an employment contract of 5 years. A subsequent reappointment is possible.

The TU/e Fellows are currently:

Dr.ir. Michael Boot, Mechanical Engineering
Ir. Jeroen van Duivenbode, Department of Electrical Engineering
Ir. Ruud van Herpen, Department of the Built Environment
Ir. Wim Maassen PDEng, Department of the Built Environment
Dr.ir. Koert van Mensvoort MFA, Department of Industrial Design
Dr.ir. Elke den Ouden, Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
Dr. Eduard Pelssers, Mechanical Engineering
Dr.ir. Carlo van de Weijer, Strategic Area Smart Mobility

The Departmental Fellow is:

Dr.ir. Wim van Houtum, Departmment of Electrical Engineering