It is essential that the Support Services operate  towards clients, suppliers, students and employees in a customer friendly way. Therefore, it is important to know what opinion you have on our products, services, employees and organisation. With this, we can change the operating process for our target audience.

Complaints are welcome
The collecting, inventory and taking care of complaints, questions or suggestions helps us with our goal. From experience, we know that a lot of clients never tell us their (good) ideas. Clients don't seem to complain all that fast. Seeing as no one is perfect, we can expect complaints on the Support Services. These complaints will not be taken as personal critique. We view them as an opportunity to learn from our clients, since they help us to improve.

Where can you go with a complaint?
Do you have comments, suggestions of complaints? Please let our management assistant know. You can send us an e-mail, tell us in person or by phone. She will transfer your comment or complaint to the designated person. We will treat your complaints or suggestions as soon as possible, in consultation with you.

Management Assistant Internal Affairs Services
Tel: +31(0)40-247 4300.