Teacher cognition, teacher behavior and student achievement

A research project into the role of teachers in the improvement of the fraction curriculum has started in September 2011. This project is funded by the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO-PROO) .

The domain of fractions is an important part of the curriculum in the final years of primary education yet abstract of nature. In secondary and higher education many students still experience difficulties in this domain. The project is based on a prior ESoE PhD study on the transition from primary to secondary education concerning student proficiency and the manner in which textbooks cover this subject.

The proposed research has two aims. First, it maps the current cognitions and classroom practices of teachers concerning teaching in the domain of fractions and links these elements to the (development of) students’ skills. The research consists of a quantitative part conducted with 40 teachers (questionnaires and observations) and a more qualitative part (interviews) conducted with 9 teachers. Secondly, the study aims to enrich existing practices via an intervention, that focuses both at the knowledge as well as practices of teachers. The ultimate aim of the intervention is to improve the skill of primary education students in the domain of fractions.

Primary researchers:

dr. ir. Geeke Bruin Muurling
tel. +31-40-2473405

dr. Maaike Koopman
tel. +31-40-2472707

Project leader: Prof. dr. Perry den Brok

Advisor: Prof. dr. Koeno Gravemeijer